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A History of Greatness: GM Produces 100-Millionth Small Block Engine

GM Produces 100-Millionth Small Block Engine

A ZR1 LS9 Engine just produced by Chevrolet was the 100-Millionth manufactured by the company.

In the past 56 years, since Chevrolet began producing small block engines, the bowtie emblazoned automotive company and the small block engine has been synonymous with one another. In that time, every iconic car produced by Chevrolet has been known and linked to their famous small-block engine design in some manner. Most recently, the fifth generation Camaro has become a small block powered icon on both road and track, much like it’s LS small block powered big brother, the Corvette.

The sheer number there–100,000,000 for those who like lots of zeroes–really highlights the durability, reputation, and potential of the small block and speaks to the iconic nature of the GM engine. It is fitting then to also consider that the first small block, introduced in 1955, was built for the first generation Corvette and the 100-millionth produced was a hand-crafted work of art LS9 made specifically for the sixth generation Corvette’s special edition ZR1–the fastest Corvette ever produced.

Chevrolet 1955 Small Block V-8 Engine

Of course, the transition from the first small block to the modern pinnacle LS9 is a long one, filled with numerous exciting and memorable engines. In 1992 Chevrolet first introduced its second-generation Small Block, known as the LT1, in to its Corvette. This engine became an absolute staple on tracks across the globe, and adorned various vehicles from that Corvette, to the F-Body Camaro and Firebird, and the B-Body Impala SS and Caprice Police car. The LT1, which featured a newly developed reverse cooling, is still being used in races all across the globe today.

Chevy LT1

Following the second generation, Chevrolet then introduced their first LS Engine in 1997. This third generation small block, which was first placed in the C5 Corvette, was an even greater step forward. The LS engines are all-aluminum small blocks, and the first of them, the LS1, was rated a naturally aspirated 350HP and 365 lb ft of torque–numbers that, today, are still incredibly impressive for a naturally aspirated 5.7L engine. The LS engine was then featured, in some form, in numerous different vehicles and even had a more powerful, LS6 version introduced in the C5 Z06 Corvette in 2001. This LS6 featured the same 5.7L displacement as its LS1 brethren, but put out a stomach churning 405HP and 400 lb ft of torque.

Corvette LS6 Small Block V8 Engine

Those numbers were fairly mind-shattering for a naturally aspirated engine of the LS6′s size and weight, at least, until 2005 when the first of the fourth generation small block was released. In 2005 the Corvette went from its fifth generation vehicle to the now current sixth generation, and with the change in body also came the biggest change: the introduction of the Chevrolet LS2. The LS2 was almost identical to the LS6 engine in performance and displacement, but also featured a much more even Torque curve through-out the RPM range, and had the potential to be modified for incredible gains. It was from this base LS2 that the LS7–the now revered 505HP and 470 lb ft torque monster–was produced and introduced to the 2006 Corvette. Just one year after the update of the small block, this engine seemed to be where everything was building, and the Z06 became the undeniable greatest performance bang for the buck on the globe. Within the year, there were Z06′s running against quarter-million dollar European exotics on racetracks all across the globe, and each one came with the distinctive sound and tone that only a Chevrolet small block V8 can deliver through the exhaust.

Of course, Chevrolet wasn’t finished there (thankfully, they’re dedicated to the production of envelope-pushing performance machines) and we saw such engines as the 430HP LS3 (now outfitting the base-level C6 Corvette and the Chevrolet Camaro SS), the LSA (a 556HP Supercharged monster that can be found in the world’s fastest production sedan, the Cadillac CTS-V and will also hit the streets in the body of the new super-Camaro ZL1 this year), and the engine that would be made as number 100,000,000–the LS9.

Corvette ZR1 LS9 Small Block V8

The LS9 is an absolute marvel worth talking about as well, especially considering that everything before it brought us to this point. The LS9, which can only be found in the top of the line Corvette ZR1, produces an amazing supercharged 6.2L engine based on the LS3 block and putting out a ferocious 638bhp and 604 lb ft of torque. Those numbers, in combination with the Corvette’s lightweight body and wide, aggressive stance, have produced a vehicle that runs track times that best it’s $250,000+ competitors. Today, the ZR1 is the undeniable greatest bargain on wheels that exists for the performance minded consumer, and, as such, is the only engine fitting to be given the designation as number 100,000,000 of its kind.

Of course, Chevrolet’s not stopping at 100,000,000 and the future of the small block engine holds a great deal of excitement. Already, official reports have come out that Chevrolet is updating their engine for the seventh-generation of their Corvette, and we may see the introduction of such features as direct injection and an upgraded combustion chamber design, as well as the improved performance and efficiency numbers to match. GM enthusiasts should expect to see the next small block engine first hit the streets in the C7 Corvette, scheduled for release some time in 2014.

Camaro Z28 Artist Rendering

We’ve seen the spy photos of the Z28 thus far, and it looks pretty awesome. Using those, artist Jon Sibal put together a rendition of what the Z28′s front end most likely looks like. You can make out some angles and details in the spy photos, and obviously Mr. Sibal used those same cues in the rendering he has put together. It’s a good looking car that doesn’t venture far from the standard Camaro styling, which is an absolute plus. Now, we just have the performance numbers to truly speculate on!

Jon Sibal Z28 Rendering

Camaro still King: Sales continue to rise and dominate the competition.

Well, March marked another great month for the Camaro. After the World Design Car of the Year award yesterday, sales numbers are now coming out for the month of March, and they’re impressive. 8,904 Camaros came off the lot in March, the second most in any month since the Camaro launched, and a number that dominated the sales of the Camaro’s competition: The Mustang, and The Challenger. As for those two though, must give props to the Challenger for almost doubling its numbers from the month prior. It’s not a bad car (I like it a lot more than the Mustang, myself) and it’s nice to see it getting some boost in sales numbers. Of course, the King stays on top there, with the Camaro outpacing its rivals big time.

Happy Birthday Camaro!

That’s right, today is the one year birthday of the official production run of the current Gen Camaro. Yessir, the Gen 5 Camaro is one year old. It has been a fantastic year for a fantastic car too! With over 100,000 Camaros produced this year, the numbers surrounding this car are fantastic! I’m not just talking the performance numbers either (even though that 420 HP is pretty damn impressive). This year has seen the Camaro win multiple awards, including Car and Driver’s, MotorTrends, and MotorWeeks year end awards for Sports Coupe, as well as some of those same awards for best over-all car. The Camaro has also been deemed the best new car, and is in the final 3 spots for World Designer Car of the Year award. Beyond those numbers, Camaro sales have been largely responsible for the change of fortunes over at Chevy, while Camaro has also been deemed time and time again as the modern-day muscle car champion. So, with a year like that behind us, I am excited to see what the year ahead offers! Here’s to the 5th Generation Camaro, and to it’s first birthday! May it have many more great birthdays ahead!

Chevy Camaro Birthday Cake

More news on Z28 Potential

Maybe those pictures from a few weeks back were the real deal, I myself am still skeptical, but more rumours are flying in about the return of the Z28. According to one Camaro5 Forums member, a friend working in a GM driveshaft supply house had an order placed for a dozen Camaro driveshafts built for higher HP output. He calls them Z/28 driveshafts, but I imagine they have no official title yet and are in fact driveshafts designed for the Camaro body proportions and built withstand 500+ horsepower. That’s normally how these machine housing orders come through. A new driveshaft, possibly to fit the LSA from the CTS-V? Maybe for a new iteration of a different engine model? Perchance a non-naturally aspirated LS3 with a higher output? Only time will tell, but for now we have a “friend of a friend” report towards the increased performance driveshaft for the Camaro.

Here’s the actual post from the Camaro5 Forums:

Take this info for what its worth but I work with suppliers in the auto industry and deal with Camaro’s driveshaft manufacturer. They just recently got an order from GM for more than a dozen driveshafts specifically for a Z/28 version of the Camaro. I was told the expected delivery date to GM was by the 3rd week of March and he thinks production will start in 2011. I’ve worked with the contact for years and believe what this person says because he’s got no reason to lie to me and he stated this as fact. Sounds to me like GM is ramping up production of Camaro Z28 test cars! At the very least this tells me that a Z28 is definitely in the works and already under testing

2010 Camaro now in Top 3 for World Car Design of the Year

Recently, I updated that the 5th Generation Camaro had been put on the short list for World Car Design of the Year. The award finale is coming up on April 1st, and the Camaro looks like a very strong contender for the win. The list of 4 had been:
Chevrolet Camaro

Citroën C3 Picasso

Kia Soul

Toyota Prius

World Car finalist Prius has been eliminated, which almost seems laughably obvious now based upon the recent news of runaway Priuses bombarding CNN, Fox, and every other news source around and inbetween. The Kia Soul is a nice little car, especially considering the price tag, but it is nowhere near the same class of car as the Chevrolet Camaro. The C3 Picasso is a little trickier to judge though, as I’ve never seen one in person here in America. Of course, the images I’ve seen of it, do not inspire much desire or awe:

In fact, it looks like a car Scion has been  making for years now. Based upon the competition, I truly think it would be a travesty if the Camaro lost this prestigious award. Seriously, if you want fantastic design, just look at this:

That’s a masterpiece right there, and a clearly deserving winner. Here we go Camaro, let’s try and add this award to the shelf!

Camaro Sales Numbers for the Month of February

Well, for the 9th month in a row, the Camaro has outsold the Mustang (and continually by a large margin). The model year for the Camaro ends this month too (March 16th), so we’ll soon get to see its total year sales numbers. Lets hope these numbers continue strong for some time to come.

Delivery (sales) Stats:

Camaro February 2010 Deliveries (actual sales): 6,482
Total January 2010 – February 2010 Deliveries: 11,853

Mustang sold 5,115 units in February 2010.

SLP ZL575 Camaro – A Driver’s Car, a Fan’s Dream

The Camaro has been tuned by so many different groups and shops since it was released this past year, that it has almost become a passé thing. Almost. The new SLP ZL575 has absolutely nothing about it one might consider passé, unless of course that means it is passé-ing someone else on an open road. Outfitted with the SLP Supercharger, Long Tube Headers, stainless axle-back exhaust system, and a cold air intake (as well as some other fantastic looking and performing upgrades) the SLP ZL575 Camaro is one powerful machine. Boasting 575 bhp, which is a bump of 149 over the stock SS, this beast gets a lot out of the already awesome Camaro LS3, and couples that with fantastic suspension, braking (Brembo 6-piston big brake kit), handling, and visual modifications for one exceptional Camaro.

With the SLP Supercharger strapped on to the LS3, this vehicle is basically a rocket on 4 wheels. Combining the already great performance of the LS3 with the tested performance and quality of SLP makes for an awesome car. With stiffer springs for an inch-lowered ride height, 29-mm tubular anti-roll bars, enhanced suspension package, and wider staggered (245s front and 275s rear) 20 inch Pirelli P Zero’s this car not only flies, but it can sure as hell take a corner as well. Couple all of this with some fantastic styling cues, and you have one of the greatest complete package tuner Camaros out there. The Ram Air hood, functional rear spoiler, active brake cooling rear gills, 5-spoke alloy wheels, custom paint striping, and specialized SLP interior with embroidered mats and seats, all make for one absolutely glorious looking Camaro. The styling touches were small when compared to the stock Camaro (apart from that mean looking ram air hood) but worked absolutely perfect in the context of the car.

If I had any one complaint with the SLP Camaro, it would be with their exhaust choice. This is just personal preference too, but I prefer the more steady hum of a Borla or Billy Boat or other exhaust system to the throatier gurgle of the Powerflo. It is a very mean and aggressive exhaust, and it provides fantastic performance boosts, just wouldn’t be my first choice. Of course, it is one of SLP’s own in-house products, and makes sense with the package. Saying I don’t like it also just feels like nit-picking on my part. And, with the performance and styling this car offers at its price tag (in the very reasonable $60,000 price range), I shouldn’t be complaining.

A look at the numbers shows just how impressive these performance modifications are:

  • 575 bhp, 550 lbs-feet torque
  • 4.3 second 0-60, and a very respectable 9.0 second 0-100
  • 12.5 second 1/4 mile run at 118.5 mph
  • 121 ft 60-0 braking, 215 ft for 80-0 braking
  • .89g on lateral accel (200 ft skidpad)
  • and a limited top speed of 190 mph

Very definitely, another great vehicle from SLP, the ZL575 Camaro is a beast begging to be tamed and one of my favorite Camaro tuners on the market!

GM Unveils Indy 500 Pace Car Camaro SS

In paying homage to the 1969 Camaro, a beautiful piece of automobile art, GM has unveiled their new Indy 500 Pace Car for next years race. That’s right, on May 30th 2010, the Indy Pace Car Camaro SS will take to the track and lead the way for the start of America’s favorite automotive race. Taking the place normally reserved to a Corvette, this will mark only the 6th time in the running of the Indy 500 that the pace car will be a Camaro, and this new one is an absolute beaut! With diamond white racing stripes on metallic orange, this car looks fantastic. The interior touches, which include continued white racing stripe and orange stitching, make for a fantastic looking vehicle. This car will be an automatic with the 400 HP LS99, but I can forgive that for the pure beauty of the vehicle.

Click on the gallery thumbs for full size images:

Source: NZV8

Camaro Convertible as early as Q1

Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so I wanted to give some thanks for the Camaro. So, to Chevy, thank you very much for providing us with this car! It is a fantastic car that has really helped Chevrolet thrive, which is fantastic because Chevy is about the only American Car company doing well these days. Because of the extreme popularity of the Camaro and demand for it, Chevy has also announced that as early as Q1 of 2011 we will be seeing Chevy Camaro Convertibles rolling off of the assembly line (they will be put together at the Chevy Canadian Plant). Thankfully, this also means more Camaro sales for the foreseeable future. Past that, there are a few other things involving the Chevy Camaro I want to give thanks for: How much fun it is to drive, what an eye-turner it is, and how great it sounds. I’m sure there are some things about the Camaro you want to give thanks for as well, right?

2010 Camaro SS

2010 Camaro SS

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