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GM Showcases Their Transformers Cars at SEMA 2013


GM has reinforced their dedication to product placement marketing by dedicating three vehicles to the new Transformers film, which Michael Bay is currently in the process of filming. Ahead of the film’s release, Chevrolet has been showing off these vehicles, and put them–a special prototype Camaro, a beautiful new C7 Stingray, and an interesting new rally edition Sonic RS–on major display at the SEMA show this weekend.

The new Camaro Bumblebee is maybe the most interesting vehicle of the trio, too. Unlike in the films past, the new Bumblebee has foregone its traditional bright yellow color for a little meaner shade of yellow-orange. This is a risky move, as Bumblebee has been one of the biggest and most important figures in the films thus far, since it messes with the Bumblebee Camaro identity a bit; however, it seems like a safe move due to the actual beauty of this new, special edition color.


In addition to the special paint job, the new Bumblebee Camaro also sees other changes. Chief amongst them is a unique front fascia and squintier front blue led headlights. The rear also features unique squared LED tail lamps which are similar to the current Camaro ones, but, unique in their own way as well. The over-all look is one that’s definitely exciting. Even for people who aren’t fans of the shallow robot-explosion films, this Camaro is worth some degree of excitement ahead of its release.

In addition to the Camaro GM also showed off a very aggressive green C7 Stingray. The Corvette features an extra large rear wing, which appears to be taken from a F1 racer or similar vehicle, and a very eye-popping custom paint job.


The last vehicle is an interesting one. It’s a special edition of the Chevy Sonic RS. The Sonic has built up a reputation as a fantastic little car–even as it has had to do so against the poor reputation history of Chevy’s past few years of small vehicle entries–and the RS has added a good deal of sportiness to that line. This white, black, and purple Sonic RS is considered a Rally edition, however. This doesn’t mean it offers more power or AWD, which seems counter-intuitive for a Rally edition of a vehicle, but maybe hints at Chevy’s desire to increase the vehicle’s performance profile moving forward.

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