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Product Spotlight: Camaro Painted License Plate Frames

Here’s a great product I came across that’s available at a great price: Painted Aluminum Camaro License Plate Frames. Trying to keep up with a semi-regular product spotlight series, these seemed–based on their quality, great looks, and affordable price–like a logical next product. The manufacturing for these is really cool, and, SouthernCarParts–who is one of […]

Camaro Caliper Covers

Just came across a very cool product that I wanted to share: (which I bought for myself) and Made from aircraft grade aluminum (not sure what classifies something as being aircraft grade, but, it sounds fancy) these caliper covers look great and apparently are very functional. When I first saw the product listing, I didn’t […]

Curb Alert for the Camaro

We’ve all been there- you’re pulling into the parking space, feeling good about the day, and that terrible sound and feeling of plastic on concrete hits. It’s a terrible sound and a ruined day- especially if you had a $900 carbon fiber front splitter. That front splitter might now have a nice crack in it, […]

Escort Passport iQ

If you enjoy driving as much as we do, you’ll be glad to know that someone came up with the bright idea of combining a GPS device with a radar/laser detector. This stroke of absolute genius is a major leap forward in the radar/laser detection world. This rules out the cluster of suction cups and […]

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