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Month – December 2009

Camaro Christmas! Happy Holidays to All!

Merry Christmas all of you Camaro owners out there, and if Christmas isn’t your thing, then I hope you have very Happy Holidays! I hope everyone out there has a nice time with their family and friends this time of year, and is happy and healthy now and in to the New Year.
Also, who would say no to having this Christmas Present?

SLP Has A New Monster on the Roads…

Street Lethal Performance has been doing some great work for GM for some time now, and has gained the Manufacturer’s love and blessing. Their new tuner is the apotheosis of their quality too, and definitely gives GM reason to feel good about their endorsement of SLP. The new SLP575 Camaro is an absolute beast, and Edmunds was lucky enough to get a drive behind the wheel of it. The SLP ZL575 packs a 575 horsepower LS3 V-8 and is eligible for the 3-year/36,000-mile warranty from GM if you order the ZL575 package through a Chevrolet dealer. The SLP ZL575 package includes a bunch of dress-up items, 1-inch lowering springs, 20-inch wheels, high-rise hood and a host of interior enhancements as well. The complete ZL575 package sells for $22,995, which brings the total for the Camaro SLP575 to just under 60k. That seems like a steal to me for a car with that much power, performance, and beauty.

GM Unveils Indy 500 Pace Car Camaro SS

In paying homage to the 1969 Camaro, a beautiful piece of automobile art, GM has unveiled their new Indy 500 Pace Car for next years race. That’s right, on May 30th 2010, the Indy Pace Car Camaro SS will take to the track and lead the way for the start of America’s favorite automotive race. Taking the place normally reserved to a Corvette, this will mark only the 6th time in the running of the Indy 500 that the pace car will be a Camaro, and this new one is an absolute beaut! With diamond white racing stripes on metallic orange, this car looks fantastic. The interior touches, which include continued white racing stripe and orange stitching, make for a fantastic looking vehicle. This car will be an automatic with the 400 HP LS99, but I can forgive that for the pure beauty of the vehicle.

Click on the gallery thumbs for full size images:

Source: NZV8

World’s fastest Gen 5 Camaro (Yet!)

So, it’s official, someone has broken in to the 9’s with a Gen 5 Camaro. This is a great looking vehicle (obviously) that is tearing up the track. Here’s a video of this 914rwhp monster posting a time in the 9’s, which is supercar territory. This thing is an absolute beast, just listen to that sound! And with a custom built LSX inside and 16 lbs of boost, it had better be!

For the exact numbers: This thing posted a 9.983 1/4mile at 144mph. That type of kick will surely throw you in to the back of your seat.

Abu Dhabi Camaro Police Cruiser

Well, the UAE police are in the news once again. Just a few weeks back it was reported that they had added Nissan GT-R cruisers to their vehicle line-up, and I just got word that that was only the beginning. Now they have also added the awesome Camaro SS as a part of their law enforcement team. Imagine trying to run from a Camaro and a GT-R. Yeah, not happening. I would have to venture a guess that there’s a big time car nut running things in their office, and he definitely has good taste.

Check out these great images of the Abu Dhabi Police Camaro, click the thumbs for full size shots:

Chevy’s Camaro Team responds to Concerns about Output Shaft Failure

I understand over the recent Thanksgiving holiday, the Camaro output shaft topic heated up. We understand the members’ passion and concern for this issue as it involves a major powertrain component. Rest assured, everyone on the Camaro team takes these issues very seriously, but there is some confusion regarding this matter that we would like to try to clear up.

As many of the members know, we started to receive warranty claim reports in June of this year regarding output shaft failures on Camaro SS models with manual transmissions. When we noticed a spike in claims, a review was initiated to determine the root cause for the failure. This review is common practice for us, and usually takes a number weeks to complete. Since we did not immediately know the root cause, we did slow the shipments of Camaro SS models from Oshawa for a couple of weeks until the review was completed.

At the end of the review, we concluded the probability of a customer experiencing an output shaft failure under normal driving conditions are very low (or – if you are into engineer speak, “below tolerance”). In fact, even in the most extreme driving condition, the probability of failure does not significantly change.

Ideally, we would like to say that there is no chance a failure under any driving condition will occur. We know this is not possible since every car – regardless of manufacturer – has some probability of a part failing. In the case of Camaro, we believe the probability is very low. We have such confidence in the low probability that we back it up by providing the industry best’s powertrain warranty – 100,000 miles or 5 years, which includes roadside assistance and courtesy transportation. If the powertrain part fails due to a defect in our workmanship or material, we’ll correct the issue regardless of the number of owners a particular Camaro may have during that period.

Hopefully this will provide a little more insight from our perspective on this topic.


John Fitzpatrick
Marketing Manager – Chevy Performance Cars

Ford Trying to Keep Up

Well, because the Camaro is mercilessly wiping the floor with the Mustang in sales right now, Ford realized that they had to do something. That something? Make the Mustang as much like the Camaro as they could! The 2011 V6 Mustangs will have new engine tuning modifications to offer 305 HP and 29MPG, pretty much identical to the V6 Camaro’s 305/29. Now, I wonder if they’ll go out and fix some of the styling cues on their vehicle to compete as well? Only time will tell, but until they do, we Camaro owners and fans can sit back and enjoy the numbers which keep rolling in showing that the masses agree with us in this argument.


Escort Radar Detector Comparisons

Here is the breakdown of the most recent Escort Radar Detectors….Maybe this will help because I see how the waters can get murky with all the new products…

Escort Redline

The Redline is the ultimate in sensitivity, with a functional detection range of 13 miles (longest around)!!! With a twin antenna design, each antenna is tuned to different radar frequency bands to give you incredible range and performance. With extreme sensitivity also comes more false alarms (created by shopping mall door openers and other RF generating devices in commercial areas). The Redline does not have GPS, so it does not eliminate false alarms which can be a nuisance in the city. It is targeted for the highway warrior, who needs a super sensitive detector that spends 80% of their time running the highways (cannonball run style ;)) It does detect Radar and Laser….

The 9500IX is a perfect all around detector…Detects Laser and Radar and has a couple mile range. It’s HUGE claim to fame (and it works) is the GPS filters and auto learning. The Escort 9500ix eliminates false alarms by blocking them out with a GPS filter. If the detector sees the same signal (freq) at the same location 3 times, it blocks it out automatically and you will not see it again. You can also tell the detector (with the push of a manual button) that the signal is false and it will block it out immediately. The 9500IX also comes loaded with a nationwide database of Traffic Cameras and Speed Cameras. It warns you if you are approaching a speed/stoplight camera. The database can also be updated via the internet by connecting your detector to you PC. Really, really cool feature!!!

The Escort Qi45 is a remote mount/concealed display detector. With this model you actually mount the radar receiver antenna up under the hood, in the grille, under the front fascia to give the antenna perfect unobstructed view of the road. You then mount the small display somewhere in your car/truck. Very discreet and excellent performance. You do not have to worry about theft as much with this system as nobody knows it is there. You can also add a laser shifter system later or at the time of purchase if you want. Most remote mount systems cost well over $1000 bucks and in the past have only been purchased by folks with deep pockets and exotic vehicles. They also required professional installation as there were many wires that needed to be run in and out of the car. The Qi45 only has one wire that needs to be run into the car (even if you add the Laser shifter pack later as the shifter plugs right into the radar antenna). You can install the Qi45 yourself without paying the high cost of installation and usual times to install are less the 45 mins. The Qi45 does not have GPS or the Speed camera database (only downside).

Last but not least, the Escort CI….A remote mount system just like the Qi45. Cost is much higher, but it comes with the Laser Shifters AND does have the GPS Functionality (false alarm blocking, but not the speed camera database). The CI can be installed at home but is more complicated than the Qi45 as there are more wires to run. Basically, the CI is an remote mount 9500ix without the speed camera database. The Escort CI is considered the MAC Daddy of all radar detectors….You pay for it though….

Hope this helps you decide……

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