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Month – November 2009

Camaro Convertible as early as Q1

Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so I wanted to give some thanks for the Camaro. So, to Chevy, thank you very much for providing us with this car! It is a fantastic car that has really helped Chevrolet thrive, which is fantastic because Chevy is about the only American Car company doing well these days. Because of the extreme popularity of the Camaro and demand for it, Chevy has also announced that as early as Q1 of 2011 we will be seeing Chevy Camaro Convertibles rolling off of the assembly line (they will be put together at the Chevy Canadian Plant). Thankfully, this also means more Camaro sales for the foreseeable future. Past that, there are a few other things involving the Chevy Camaro I want to give thanks for: How much fun it is to drive, what an eye-turner it is, and how great it sounds. I’m sure there are some things about the Camaro you want to give thanks for as well, right?

2010 Camaro SS

2010 Camaro SS

Fessler-Moss Announces New Camaros

Any and all serious Camaro collectors out there, start saving right now. Fessler-Moss has announced two new collector packages for the 2010 Camaro, both of which look to be pretty awesome. I could write about it a lot, but their own press release covers it pretty well, so check it out here-

Fessler-Moss Press Release:

Fesler-Moss Enhanced 2010 Camaro to be unveiled at the Goodguys PPG Nationals in Columbus, Ohio!
The world has waited for upwards of three years, and now the 2010 Camaro is a reality.  Combined retro styling and advanced technology this car is enough to redline the interest of any gear head right off the showroom floor.  Touted as a “heritage-inspired sports car for the 21st Century” the 2010 Camaro.

Anyone with a passion for high performance automobiles, however, could foresee that hardcore muscle car enthusiasts would want even more.   Being such enthusiasts themselves, Jon Moss who is the former director of GM’s specialty vehicles division and Chris Fesler of Fesler Built, a high end hot rod builder and parts manufacturer, teamed up so that they could take the 2010 Camaro to the next level.

Limited Edition Package! – $150,000

The ultimate Fesler-Moss offering is limited to 60 units per year and a must for any serious collector.  This one is loaded, they pulled out all the stops, but there are still two exclusive features worth mentioning twice…. Each Limited Edition Package will feature an individual serial number from 1-60 and be personally signed by both Chris Fesler and Jon Moss!  On top of that, each will include adjustable coil over suspension, front and rear sway bars, 6-piston Fesler branded race brake upgrade, GM LS-9 supercharged engine, Fesler branded stainless steel bi-modal exhaust system, color-matched engine block, 6-speed manual transmission, billet, carbon fiber or black reverse lights, stainless steel hood struts, stainless steel trunk struts, carbon fiber interior accents, color matched leather seating, suede headliner, carbon fiber pillar gauge kit, heat and sound barrier, a custom sound system plus Fesler-Moss badging.

In addition to the aforementioned upgrades, the Limited Edition Package features a host of exclusive features including 22-inch Fesler-Moss wheels and tires, custom color paint scheme with painted racing stripes, Corvette-style door handles, Fesler billet grille with hideaway headlights, Billet RS taillights, carbon fiber Fesler-Moss body kit, 2-day training course at the Bondurant School of High Performance Driving and, as mentioned, each vehicle will be designated an individual serial numbered (1 – 60) and personally signed by both Chris Fesler and Jon Moss!

Package price without car, $110,000.

Fessler-Moss Camaro

Fessler-Moss Camaro

101 Year Old Also Loves the Camaro

When Chevy brought back the Camaro to the car-buying public I think that their target audience was an age group similar to my own. 18-34 year old men, young professionals and car enthusiasts who would see the incredible styling and fall immediately in love. In attempting this, they did a fantastic job and brought to the masses a fantastic looking and performing vehicle that had no equals in its price class. It outshines the Mustang and Challenger in style and performance, and is a huge hit Nationally as well as over-seas. Well, this man, broke the mold, and I say more power to him for doing just that. The Camaro’s appeal is so incredible that it reaches all people of all age groups, social classes, and sexes.

Camaro to Outsell Mustang Despite Short Year?

The 2010 Chevrolet Camaro outsold the 2010 Ford Mustang in October, marking the fifth straight month that Chevrolet’s revived muscle coupe outsold its Ford competition. If these sales trends continue, it’ll put the Camaro on pace to outsell the Mustang this year — a feat that hasn’t been accomplished since 1985.

With two months left in the year and only around 9200 sales to make up, GM officials say it is a real possibility the Camaro may outsell the Mustang by the end of the year. Through October, GM sold 47,233 Camaros to Ford’s 56,469 Mustangs. If the Camaro does take the top muscle car sales title away from the Mustang, it will do so with only nine months of sales compared to the Mustang’s full year.

Erich Merkle, analyst at, told the Detroit Free Press that the Camaro’s success was expected. “While the economic environment isn’t the best, I think there are still enough baby boomers out there that are able to make a purchase like a Camaro,” he said. “It’s got all of the great stuff you remember from some of the muscle car of the late ‘60s without all of the bad.”

In Dearborn, Ford doesn’t seem too concerned about the Camaro’s sales success. “I don’t think Mustang sales would have been much different one way or another,” said George Pipas, Ford’s top sales analyst. “There are people that buy Chevys just like there are people that buy Fords. The passion for one brand or another is strong. What we are seeing right now is ten years of pent-up demand… rather than some positive indicator about the economy.”

Make that seven years of pent-up demand: GM killed the Camaro (and its Pontiac Firebird sibling) in 2002, leaving Camaro fans in the dark for quite some time. On the other hand, Ford has been producing Mustangs continuously since 1964.

Styling like this makes it almost a given that the Camaro outsells the Mustang

Styling like this makes it almost a given that the Camaro outsells the Mustang

Source: Automobile Mag

2 out of 3 Camaros sold are V8s

According to’s estimates two-thirds of the nearly 50,000 Camaros that have been sold since April 2009 are outfitted with V8 engines. In a time when focus is being put heavily on Green-conscious gas-sipping automotives, this trend is a little surprising. This is apparently also surprising to Chevrolet who had hoped that increased V6 sales would help with their over-all MPG company rating, as the V6 is rated at 4MPG more efficient. Of course, this news is also good for Chevrolet in that their profit margin is higher on the V8 than on the V6. Here’s to you Chevrolet, you’ve found quite the success!

Chevy Camaro

Chevy Camaro

Jay Leno and his Camaro at SEMA

Well, the Leno Camaro is definitely one of the most popular cars on the internet right now. This is no surprise when you consider that the Camaro is so incredibly popular, and, well, it’s Leno. He was at SEMA to see and receive his special Camaro, and seems like he was really happy with it. Here’s a video of him on site seeing it for the very first time at SEMA.

Lingenfelter Awarded Best Car at SEMA by GM

DECATUR, Ind. – Lingenfelter Performance Engineering’s (LPE) 750 hp supercharged 2010 LS7 Camaro SS was awarded the General Motors Design Award for Best Sports Car during the 2009 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas, NV.

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering

“General Motors is pleased to recognize the fine accomplishments of the top vehicle builders in the 2009 SEMA Show,” said Bob Kern, GM’s SEMA Relations Director.  “We are proud to support their efforts and applaud the large number of new accessories produced for GM products through the SEMA activity.  This has a major positive impression with our vehicle buyers.”

The coveted GM Design Award recognizes Lingenfelter Performance Engineering for their innovative power and styling enhancements to one of the industry’s most coveted sports cars.

“We are very honored to be recognized for our efforts on the Camaro, and we appreciate General Motors giving us the opportunity to win this award by introducing the new 2010 Camaro and renewing enthusiasts’ hobby and passion for muscle cars,” said Ken Lingenfelter, owner, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering.

Featuring the company’s 427 CID/7.0L LS7 power plant, the Lingenfelter Camaro’s engine has an 8.8:1 compression ratio with forged JE pistons, production GM LS7 crankshaft and titanium connecting rods, and LS7 cylinder heads with titanium intake valves and Inconel exhaust valves. Other engine upgrades include:
* Magnuson/Eaton TVS2300 supercharger
* Custom-fabricated LS7 cylinder head supercharger base manifold
* Lingenfelter 14-rib rear drive system with tensioner pulley
* Lingenfelter/ATI Racing 10-rib front accessory drive

Lingenfelter Camaro at SEMA

Lingenfelter Camaro at SEMA

* Lingenfelter heavy duty power steering pump
* Lingenfelter low temperature thermostat
* Custom Lingenfelter coil covers

In addition to ensuring the LS7 Camaro SS delivers more raw power, the 2010 Lingenfelter package ups the ante on overall performance and also features: Lingenfelter 6-bolt LS9 twin disk flywheel and clutch assembly; Lingenfelter Camaro SS twin pump fuel system with Lingenfelter fuel pump controller; Lingenfelter double adjustable Sachs shocks; heavy duty Driveshaft Shop halfshafts; Brembo brake calipers and rotors;  Corsa stainless exhaust system; and Hotchkis suspension springs, anti-sway bars and subframe brace.

Body enhancements include a front fascia splitter, rocker extensions, carbon fiber grille, new hood with air extractors, rear deck lip and spoiler; rear fascia extension; and Lingenfelter Performance Engineering exhaust tips.  Custom Lingenfelter 10-spoke design wheels with Pirelli 275/40ZR20 tires on the front and Pirelli 305/35ZR20 on the back are also part of the performance upgrades.

A number of driver comfort, performance and style improvements finish off the Lingenfelter package, including: Mouth turn signal mirrors; Mito rear view mirror with video display; Lingenfelter/Grant custom steering wheel; and Lingenfelter-brand CNC machined pedal covers, floor mats and embroidered interior.

For more information, visit, contact Lingenfelter Performance Engineering at 1557 Winchester Road, Decatur, IN 46733, or call 260.724.2552.

Synergy Camaro

Something else out of SEMA, and an image I missed the first time around. Apparently Chevrolet is putting in to motion plans to release the Synergy during 2010 as a Special Edition model. With this Synergy Green color, which is actually fantastic looking on the Camaro, and styling touches such as 21″ custom wheels, custom Chevy body kit, hood stripes, and rear spoiler, I’m beginning to think I purchased my Camaro a little too early! Check this thing out and try to tell me that it doesn’t look great!

Synergy Camaro

Synergy Camaro

Synergy Camaro

Synergy Camaro

Big SEMA Update! Pictures galore!

Well, it’s the end of the week and I have received a ton of pictures and info from SEMA on some of the different Camaros that were shown there. I’m going to post some today, and expect more to come in the following week! Below are some of my favorites and details on each one:

DSO Eyewear's Urban Camaro

Apparently DSO Eyewear customized this Camaro to support the active Urban lifestyle. I sort of thought the Camaro did that already, but never the less, they did a good job on some customization touches here. The window trim looks great, and the sound system inside is a big step up from the stock Camaro entertainment system (that is, entertainment not pertaining to the actual thrill of driving). The polished stainless touches on the side skirts and rear bumper/diffuser are a nice addition as well.

Camaro Dusk at SEMA

This Camaro Dusk is finished in a fantastic dark metallic blue, which works really well on the car. The ground effects, while subtle, are a great touch for the Camaro. The custom interior looks fantastic, and is a nice touch to the vehicle as well. The performance bonuses are minor, with a custom Billet exhaust being the only major performance touch for the vehicle, but with a car that looks that good and already performs as spectacularly as it does, we wont hold that against them.

Camaro Dusk

Ok, so, this next one was a little disappointing to see. That Camaro that websites were saying would be the next Z28 (and I must admit, I bought in to the hype also) was in actuality a custom Camaro made by Chevy for America’s most famous car collector: Jay Leno.

Leno Camaro

I must admit, the vehicle looks great and I am certain Mr. Leno is ecstatic to be the owner of it, but it did disappoint me a good bit to learn that it was not the Z28. Outfitted with twin Turbometrics turbos, Tremec 6060 6-Speed Transmission, and just about every customizable under the sun (Exhaust, intake, pressure plate, discs, hood, fog lamps, lip soiler, rear rocker, rear diffuser, and more), this is definitely one of the prize Camaros at the event. Maybe they will use this as a basis for creating the Z28, I like the styling a lot.

Ok, here’s one more for today, and expect more to come still:

Camaro 2Go by Rick Bottom Designs

Well, I said the Leno Camaro was one of the prize machines at all of SEMA, but this right here is the baddest of the bad! This Camaro 2Go by Rick Bottom designs has a list of modifications too long for me to duplicate here. I’ll give you the short-hand version though: extremely custom look, extremely custom suspension, braking, handling, performance, everything. Just how custom is it? How about 1000+HP Vortech Supercharged with suspension built to handle over 1G of force on a skid-pad. ARH full Exhaust system, Fedoro and Baer brake components are just a few other awesome components to the vehicle. That sick enough for you? Yeah, I thought it would be.

Anyways, keep up with me as I give you more from SEMA in the week to follow.

More coming out of SEMA

From AutoWeek

The Chevrolet Camaro is back and so is General Motors legend Jon Moss, who unveiled a series of limited-run sports cars based on the 2010 car–with available Corvette ZR1 power–Tuesday at the SEMA show in Las Vegas.

Moss is famous in enthusiast circles for working on GM’s COPO cars for years. He teamed up with Arizona performance car company Fesler Built for this series of 60 cars to spawn the 2010 Fesler-Moss Camaro.

They will offer LS9 or LS7 engines, manual or automatic transmissions and an impressive retro-restyling job that still retains the Camaro’s modern appearance. Most notably, the front end offers hideaway lights–like the iconic 1969 Camaro–flashy wheels and specialty paint.

A complete car starts at $55,000 for the Enhancement Package, and pricing can go up to $150,000 for the Limited Edition. If the customer provides the car, a package is a low as $15,000.

There is a slew of carbon-fiber options, interior upgrades and performance goodies on the option list.

“It’s kind of like how we used to build cars years ago,” Moss said.

The SEMA unveiling featured a 2010 car for the show packing 750 hp.

Moss and Fesler also showed a 1969 Camaro customized for a Boston enthusiast. Tim McSweeney, the new owner of both of the display cars, saw his new rides in person for the first time Tuesday.

“Awesome, Awesome,” was his reaction.

And just what will he and his wife do with the cars? ”

“I’m going to drive ‘em both,” he said.

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